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Strain Review: Tenscotti by THE TENco

TENSCOTTI (Ropes Cut) – This is an off the map Biscotti Cut by @theten.co – massive thanks to @thecaliclubtenerife for this fire. It’s litterally in another league of exotic flower. Lineage/Genetics: Gelato #25Girl Scout Cookies x South Florida OG Original Breeder: Cookies Fam Genetics Grower: THE TENco Dispensary: The Cali Club Tenerife

Tenscotti Strain Review

Biscottis is a rare 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the 3 legendary strains GSC, Gelato 25 and South Florida OG. The buds show off an array of colours from pale minty greens to deeper forest green shades. The thick white layer of bright white, glistening trichomes and long rusty bronze pistils give this strain very elegant looks. The terpene profile is very desert like and rich with potent creamy and nutty aromas and a when the bud is cracked the true cookies flavours come through reminding me instantly of sweet fresh baked almond cookies. The opportunity to smoke this strain has been a rare delight. The flavonoids and terpenes have been perfectly preserved and the full bodied flavour and potent gas this strain packs make it a extremely desirable and exquisite flower. Instantly a hot and gassy head high hit me on the exhale and the cerebral and uplifting effects set in instantly. After this gassy rush I was left with thick and creamy aftertastes and sweet gassy after breaths lasting a good 20 minuets after the hit. The full body effects of this heavy indica hybrid then set in leaving me melting into my chair and amused by everything around me. #thetenco #keepit10 #thecaliclubtenerife #tenerifeweedreviews #tenerifecannaseur #howwhiteisyourash #whiteashgang #weedreviews #tenscotti #biscotticookies #girlscoutcookies #southfloridaog #gelato25 #catchthewave #thegeordiecannaseur #geordiecannaseur ⁣ #420 #mmjlife #cannabisculture #mmj #legalcannabis #thc #strainhunters #strains #legalweed #cannabissociety #cannabisextracts #cannabisreviews #weedreviews #legalmarijuana
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Check out more reviews by @the_originalcannaseur on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/the_originalcannaseur)

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