Strain Review: Kosher Kush by DNA Genetics

KOSHER KUSH – from @dna_genetics – Cultivated in Tenerife – Unknown/OG Kush Genetics

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush x Unknown

Original Breeder: DNA Genetics

Grower: The Italian Artisan

Kosher Kush Strain Review

After becoming the first strain to be blessed by a rabbi, in Los Angeles, California, this strain was originally given the name Jew gold. However when it’s popularity increased and the world changed, The name was changed with it, to the more politically correct Kosher Kush. In 2010 and 2011 it won the @hightimesmagazine best indica , also in 2011 taking the Best Cannabis strain award.

The buds are small, compact and completely covered in trichomes. The colours are a contrast of darker to almost browny greens, but appear to to be more soft and minty greens in places because of the ridiculously thick trichome coverage.

I knew this strain packed some serious power when I first opened the jar, just from the sheer skunky lingering stench it put out. When I ground the bud the flavour profile was a little more diverse than I expected with vibrant hints of pine and musky spices mixed with a mouthwatering sweet kushy flavour. Ever so slightly floral undertones came through. This is one of the most pungent smelling Locally grown strains I’ve came across.

The smoke was white, clean and a creamy. The intense flavours made my mouth water before I’d even cleared the bong and on the exhale it was just pure sweet and creamy gas. I felt a strange but pleasant hot and sweaty flush instantly but this settled quick and the full body and mind numbing effects of this strain set in. There is absolutely nothing sativa about this stuff.

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