Strain Review: The Naughty One by THE TENco

The Naughty One (Gelato 41) From @_team10extracts_ @_z_u_s_h_i @petrolexotics215

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato #41

Original Breeder: THE TENco

Grower: THE TENco

The Naughty One Strain Review

As I opened the bag on this I immediately retreated to take a second because of how hard it hits you in the face. Very pungent sharpie must with nice hints of hoppy gas. The taste(which was sort of sharp and sweet) was addicting and had me chain smoking my joint/blunt.

Absolutely dialed for a 41. The buds were very pretty and well presented to me from Ten Co.

Trimming and cure on point as per usual from them as well. The effects are definitely a more focused and relaxed sort of feeling, but after continuous use can put you down for the count. Always trying to have Ten Co in my head stash, and so should you!

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