Strain Review: Treasure Island (high CBD) by Papa’s Herb

New high CBD Strain Treasure Island coming in at CBD 14.4% and 0.7% THC.

Lineage/Genetics: Swiss Gold x Cannatonic

Indica or Sativa: Sativa dominant hybrid

Original Breeder: Sin City Seeds

Grower: Papa’s Herb

Dispensary: Liberty Health Sciences

Treasure Island Strain Review

treasure island by papa's herb strain review by strain_games 2From @libertyhealthsciences @papas.herb. Look and smell not bad at all for $25.

Very fluffy so it seems like I got over 4 grams visually. Has a sort of sweet Hawaiian smell. Treasure Island CBD Life WOW.

At the Medal Presentation the Treasure Island Strain surprised all spectators as the gold belonged to @libertyhealthsciences and @papas.herb for this wonderful strain that many patients continue to overlook.

Everyone I love the effects from a nice little cone this morning. I kind of want to go back and get more of this. Very clear headed but I feel effects. Mellow think ill start my days with this CBD Flower. Nice work @papas.herb

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Check out more reviews by @strain_games on Instagram! (

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