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Drinkable Review: Space Juice by Galaxi Treetz

Space Juice Review @galaxitreetz Brand: Galaxi Treetz

Space Juice Review

From the first sip your taste buds are awakened. What a delicious beverage, makes your tongue want to slap your teeth out. Zero cannabis smell zero cannabis taste. Nice and sweet but clean tasting, not overly sugared which is a huge plus. A slight warming sensation began to take hold of me during first 30 minutes. I also experienced some tingling at the top of and in back of my head as it set in. I want to smoke but I don’t want to roll up not exactly sure why. The effects are increasing now and it is starting to feel like an indica hybrid. I definitely want to kick back and just chill. Space Juice huh? I think Galaxi Treetz may have a winner here. I need a 4 pack for my next off day. Delicious. I could see these being a huge hit in variety of settings. A hour later and I am getting really relaxed now. This is my first experience with a cannabis drink. Def hit pretty quick. I still haven’t managed to smoke yet which I think is a good sign. I enjoyed this drink with my dinner and I could see these really helping me cut down on my flower intake. Big thanks to @galaxitreetz Be sure to go and give them a follow and let them know below in the comments if you liked this review. We are ecstatic about the possibly to become one of their official product reviewers. Wish us luck! At the Strain Games Medal Presentation Space Juice proudly walked home with the Gold 🥇 Finding good Edibles in Florida can be tough let alone an edible Medical Cannabis Beverage that is actually quite refreshing. Try one out and see for yourself. #straingamesreviews #edibledrinks #galaxitreetz #floridafirst #floridamedicalmarijuana #edibles #weededibles #cannabiscommunity #cannabisbeverage #Strain_games #cannabisproductstester
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