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Strain Review: Tropicanna by Cannabiotix

Tropicanna by CBX. Lineage/Genetics: Orange Crush x SFV OG Phenotype #17 Original Breeder: Cannabiotix Grower: Cannabiotix

Cannabiotix Tropicanna Strain Review

tropicanna by cannabiotix strain review by qsexoticreviews 29/10 Best sativa Ive ever had hands down. I had this one for a while and had forgot to review it which is why the date is somewhat older but it did not play a role at all with this weed. Fresh soft and sticky buds which were more of a longer structure then round. Nice light green covered in crystals with a good amount of orange hairs. Super tangie citrus smell with a little sweetness. Smoke was crazy smooth especially with the tangie flavor made it really enjoyable. Very euphoric high instantly uplifted my mood I would say and very balanced for me even tho it did get behind my eyes a little it wasn’t super intense. I would say this is a perfect day time strain to smoke and keep going definitely looking forward to picking up some other strains from them. #CBX #cannabiotix #tropicana #420 #connectedsacramento #710 #cookiesorbetter
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Check out more reviews by @qsexoticreviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/qsexoticreviews)

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Check out more reviews by @qsexoticreviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/qsexoticreviews)

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