Strain Review: Tropicanna Cookies F2 by Oni Seed Co.

TROPICANNA COOKIES F2 – Tangie x Girl Scout Cookies – Bred by @oni_seed_co – @oninoodles and grown in Europe by @Farmerintheh0le

Lineage/Genetics: GSC x Tangie

Original Breeder: Oni Seed Co.

Grower: Farmer in the Hole

Dispensary: The Cali Club Tenerife

Tropicanna Cookies F2 Strain Review

The small dense, rough and rugged looking nuggets, show off a contrast of dark forest to mossy green colours, with short orange pistils and a thick covering of trichomes, shining like gems under the light. This is premium, top shelf flower and bag appeal is levels above in terms of Spanish flower.

At first the smell of pure orange zest filled the room and when the bud is cracked the intensity and sharpness of the Orange terps increased and some slight traces of the cookies in its heritage can be found.

The smoke was thick, white and clean, an instant indicator of quality. The full tangy and zesty tangie flavour profile stayed strong throughout, again with only slight hints of the cookies. Leaving me with refreshing and juicy tangerine tastes on my pallet, that blend well with the touch of cookies coming out on my after-breaths .

The effects were as refreshing as the flavour and left me uplifted and energetic instantly. Slowly becoming more calming, everything just seemed to flow nicely I could go either way with this strain though. Overall it was an energetic high, but I did feel rather relaxed @thecaliclubtenerife when I was smoking it. Perfect daytime or mid-afternoon smoke and would pair well with active days exploring the island and also sociable events. The appetite enhancing effects also make it a great pre-dinner strain.

Thanks again to @thecaliclubtenerife @thecaliclubtenerifebackup for this one today, the rising from this should be insane. 👌 #tropicanacookiesf2 #tropicanacookies #girlscoutcookies #tangie #hybridstrain #sativadominant #weedreview #tenerifeweedreviews #tenerifecannaseur #thecaliclubtenerife #weedphoto #weedporn #thegeordiecannaseur



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