Strain Review: Yellow Zushi by THE TENco

Yellow ZUSHI by ten co.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Zushi

Grower: THE TEN co.

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Yellow Zushi Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Bag appeal: 8.5/10 for straight zkittles nugs these were very pretty! Mostly all smalls and a couple mediums, these were round tightly trimmed nugs with beautiful bright green leaves and large bright orange hairs intertwined. Very nice cure to them. Snapped apart perfectly but were very soft squishy nugs. Like little sponges. It was actually pretty sticky and broke apart very fine. Beautiful stuff.

Smell: 9.25/10 I could not take my nose out of the bag haha very sweet fresh smell that actually reminded me of like a cross of zkittlez and zoap. Definitely very heavy on the candy side but had this fresh air kind of smell to it that was amazing. The smell would turn in to an even heavier candy smell when u crack the nug.

Smoke: 8.0/10 very sweet taste very similar to the smell. Flavor wasn’t quite as strong as I expected based on how strong the smell was. Also burnt very very hot and would lose the flavor it did have a little after half way down the joint. Became pretty rough and super hot at that point. The ash was very white and had great resin drip. Wasn’t quite as strong as I had expected either. Definitely was a strong uplifting high that had my body tingling, but just wasn’t what I had imagined. Definitely a great day time smoke tho.

Overall: 8.4/10 absolutely loved the smell of this stuff. If my review was just based off that it would get an insane score but unfortunately it came up short in some of the other categories that I feel something of this caliber should easily check off. I personally believe it was just a batch thing and next time I try this I’ll probably absolutely love it haha. It’s something im definitely gonna have to try again tho because those terps were to fire to give up on haha I’d really like to try it in rosin form too at some point! Can’t even imagine! If you find it anywhere snag it! You won’t be disappointed

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Check out more reviews by @onlypressure93 on Instagram! (

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