Cultivar Review: Zkittlez by B-Eazy Buds

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Lineage – Grapefruit × Grape Ape

Bred by – The Original Z x The Biggest Z @__theoriginalz_ X @greenrfieldz

Grown by: B-Eazy Buds

Terpene Profile: Unknown

B-Eazy Buds Zkitlez Cannabis Cultivar (strain) Review

Zkittles, respectively well grown it’s one
of the best in palate, effects and high.
There are few flowers that match up to
the hype. one #beazybuds favorite
flower finally arrived in one of his bags.
The scent is the most memorable and
favorite highlights of this flower. It smells
and tastes like skittles kool aid blends
with sour fuel 8. It’s that type of smoke
you want to smoke all day and night. I
believe is bred by @__theoriginalz_
X @greenfieldz. I previously reviewed all
their Z’s lineup. It is considered to be the best Z in the industry . This Z came in medium size
nugs. Not the most prettiest nugs but the
best fragrance. The high is medium high,
body high have you feeling like you
having an outer body experience. Eyes
low, smooth on the inhale, focused on a cerebral type of 💨 . The terps are
heavy in citrus, pepper, earthy dry
smoke. The ashes burn extremely
Mr.Clean. They say ash don’t
matter, but when you smoke something
like this you see the difference in
contrast of smoking more pepper ash
smoke. The high starts around 5-6
pulls in, start feeling the buzz. The
effects can last about 2 hours and can
give you the munchies or put you out.
Overall is one of my favorites of all time.
Shoutout to whoever made the Mylar
with the nice design. Shoutout to
@b_eazybuds6.0 for being a man of his
word and blessing me with this amazing
timeless flower. Zkittlez – 5/5

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