Strain Review: Zruntz by Seven Leaves


Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez x (green door Runtz x z3)

Original Breeder: Seven Leaves x The Original Z x TerpHogz

Grower: Seven Leaves x The Original Z x TerpHogz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Zruntz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

ZRuntz is a collaboration between and @__theoriginalz__ @terphogz_official bringing a delicious combination of flavors to the table. If you enjoy Runtz you’ll really enjoy Zruntz.

The bag I received had 3 larger sized buds in it. This batch of Zruntz is fresh and has an overall light green and purple coloring to it. The trichomes are thick and the pistils have a nice cream orange glow.

Diving in the nose is what you would expect with a solid runtz strain but with even more sweet candy notes from the additional cross of Z3. It has a sweet creamy and nutty tang with hints of fuel and fruit with that candy flavor lingering.

I really enjoyed smoking on this Zruntz strain. The flavors are a delicious combination of gelato and zkittlez. The inhale is super smooth with notes of sweet candy and fuel. The smoke is thick and creamy in the middle with a subtle nuttiness and the exhale has hints of fruit and sweet candy with a nice fuel lingering.

The effects came on fast and were very chill and relaxing, not a strain I will personally smoke throughout the day if I have stuff to do. The high is heavy and something I enjoy after work.

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Check out more reviews by @citylimitreviews on Instagram! (

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