Vape Review: Headband Cartridge by Made By

🎩Headband by Made By is a CO2 full spectrum 510 cart. Testing at 83% THC it is on the higher end for any full spectrum let alone one that has a sativa lean and noticeable boost.

Lineage/Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush

Original Breeder: Reserva Privada

Grower/Processor: Made By

Mady By Headband Cartridge Vape Review

Crossing the two classics of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, Headband has become a classic in and of itself. It has the best of Sour Diesel’s coffee like buzz and OG Kush’s more myrcene based terp profile (without which many Indica users do not feel that punch), and the high THC %s of both.

Made By’s carts take full advantage of the strain’s strengths, extracting with CO2 instead of BHO. CO2 allows them to use a lower temperature when extracting so more trace cannabinoids and native terpenes are preserved providing the benefits of the famed entourage effect. You feel it from the first puff to the last. An immediate uplift with a hard hitting high that is more akin to ripping the bong than sipping on distillate. Large hits can you make you sweat with smaller hits offering the perfect uplift.

As to the quality of the cart I could not ask for more, especially with the super affordable price point. I have not had a single issue with clogging after a week of it being in my pocket. The mouth piece is comfy and the draw is smooth. The taste is very mild slightly like the smell of vaped bud with some fresh garden flowers.

Made By’s full spectrum CO2 Headband has earned a spot in my rotation and is my go to at work buzz. It offers lighter users a boost where plain distillate might get them down. On the other hand heavier users can toke more to get the full hit that distillate just cannot provide. 🌕🐇🥊👔🧰

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