Dab Review: Topanga OG Live Resin Diamonds by MPX

Topanga OG LR Diamonds by @mpx_us / Cultivated by @sonoranrootscannabis

Lineage/Genetics: (Malibu Pure Kush x OG Kush)

Dominant Terpene: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Sonoran Roots

Processor: MPX

MPX Topanga OG Live Resin Diamonds Review

Picked up a few jars of these fire ass Diamonds & Sauce to taste test about 4 weeks back and the first one I decided to dive into was the Topanga. And all the real connoisseurs know anything @sonoranrootscannabis touches is straight 🔥 so you already know I was excited to dig into these 💎’s.

Big Ole boulders relaxing in a very generous amount of golden nectar, that’s too much sauce!🍯 The clarity on these rocks are so pristine made me feel like I went to Jared’s💍

Lift the lid and you’re met with that nice classic gassy aroma you would expect from most OG concentrates. Slight bit of spice detected on the back end.

The aroma translates perfectly to the flavor. Fairly smooth on the inhale consisting of musky earthy peppery terps. Great OG feel and flavor linger.

Effects start at the head and producing that spacey stoney feeling. Shortly after start to feel it trickle down the spine and chest melting you into your seat. Head and body feel like scoops of ice cream sitting in direct sunlight.

MPX has always been one of my favorite concentrate brands since the day I first dabbed it. From their affordable cured resins all the way up to their baller jars, MPX has something for every kind of dabber. It is very rare to not be satisfied with their product. Without a doubt I’ve purchased more MPX than any other brand out there and I will add a pic of my jar graveyard in the next review🪦 If you guys ever see these diamonds on the shelves, do yourself a favor and scoop every one in stock!

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Check out more reviews by @slumpysmokes on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/slumpysmokes)

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