Vape Review: HOTT LIXZ Live Resin Cart by Willow Creek Reserve


Grower: Willow Creek Reserve

HOTT LIXZ Live Resin Cart Review

Willow creek reserve is humboldt locally grown, with fresh frozen subzero extractions to make the 100% live resin melted diamond carts that are the brands main course! Today we take a look at HOTT LIXZ. Let’s dive in!

Appeal: 91/100
Unique cart, elegant packaging, humboldt grown stamp verifies the local craft, love the black wide tip mouthpiece, & the WCR logo, Avg air bubble, Clean Golden color, thick, Moderately Viscous, in Cool temps the Re-crystallization shows the high concentration of diamonds!

Aroma: 88/100
Prior to the first hit, from the tip, I can pick up hints of gmo/chemd, herbals, spice, musk, and hints of sweet candy florals mixing with it, after taking some puffs, and resmelling, the terps are loud and easier to identify, heavy funky musky meaty greasy gmo chemd spices and musks, with a super sweet candy gas. Fruity, spicy, Mexican candy. Mango, papaya, Chile. Sour dank cannabis-hash terps. Burnt terps. Skunk. Pine.

Burn: 92/100
Very smooth, clean and pure, with nice lung pressure and expando lung, clean smooth exhale with minimal throatyness which is impressive for a musk-spicy terp

Taste 93/100
UNIQUE AF. Heavy musky funky rotten gmo / chemd notes, herbals, & spices are mixed with super sweet candy gas. Fruity florals under the musk, with spicy Chile, papaya and mango additions. Reminds me of strains like dirty donut/ cherry burger: perfect combo of ‘rotten’ gmo funk & delicious sweets, But this has an extra kick, w/ the spicy Mexican fruity candy side. Also has pine, diesel, lemon, & cookie.

Effect 90/100 potency 90/100
3 puffs has nice strong effects supplied, body buzz is strong heavy and relaxed. Warm, euphoric chest rush. Mind is uplifted and creative, slight energy, but with background stoneage. After an hour it fades from hybrid vibes to more relaxing indica vibes. 2 hour buzz off 3 puffs! Good meds. Calming, pain relief, the uplift is great for stress and depression!

Overall: 91.5/100
Amazing product, very enjoyable, I love the funk, sweets, spices, & candy gas combo! Very clean smoke! Willow Creek truly nailed this one!


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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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