Vape Review: Sublime CBD Melatonin Cartridge

😪😴@sublime_canna #CBD & #Melatonin #VapeCartridge 😴😪

Processor: Sublime CBD

Sublime CBD Melatonin Cartridge Review

4mg (1%) #THC 👽
102mg (20%) CBD 💆🏿‍♂️
25mg #melatonin 😪
⭐Smooth Sweet Soft Taste and Smoke
💨 This CBD #concentrate is very fast acting
⭐Melatonin quickly induces sleep
💨My favorite thing about this cbd+melatonin cart is the dosage guideline on the side of the box. Its funny clever and easy to understand. I recommend starting within the guide lines even if you have a a super high tolerance ..
1 dose = cozy
3 dose = sleepy
5 dose = lights out .

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Check out more reviews by on Instagram! (

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