Protip: Buy weed based on smell not THC percentage

I think one of the most common trends I’ve noticed, is dispensary shoppers buying their cannabis based on the THC% of the strain, rather than the aroma. I get asked all the time “what strain is testing the highest?” and on the inside, I’m rolling my eyes at these people. 🙄

Why you should buy weed based on smell not THC percentage

Let me tell ya, there’s a better way to shop!! Real cannabis connoisseurs make their purchasing decisions based on the aroma of the flower. Our noses can tell us a lot about a strain and the effects it offers. Does it smell lemony and piney? Most likely you might experience elevated energy levels and euphoria! Earthy and spicey? You might feel relaxed and very happy.

These scents that we pick up on, are known as terpenes, and they exist within every plant, especially cannabis. Terpenes are a variety of plant chemicals that together, produce the different effects that we associate with our highs. The next time you shop at your local dispo, take your time and smell strains individually.

Forget about the THC% (it’ll all get you high) and go with the one that stands out the most to you, get a feel for which aromas truly resonate with you- aromas that make you eager to use the strain. When smelling a variety of strains, I use coffee beans as a pallet cleanser.

Simply take a moment to smell the beans, and it’s like hitting the reset button on your senses.

What are your favorite types of strains and what do you like about the aromas?

Comment your feedback below and we’ll talk!

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Alejandro Perez is the owner of CannaQuestions, an educational community for cannabis consumers. Find his page on Instagram @cannaquestions, or visit the official website!

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