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Strain Review: Bacio Gelato from Lakeside Delivery

Bacio Gelato 🍨 Lineage/Genetics: Sunset SherbertThin Mint Cookies Original Breeder: SHERBINSKIS Grower: SHERBINSKIS Dispensary: Lakeside Delivery Morphology: Indica Dominant

SHERBINSKIS Bacio Gelato Review

. 27% THC 2% CBD . @sherbinski415 @lakeside_delivery . 🍦Aroma has that classic pungent creamy gelato scent with a blend citrus and some deep and heavy dank pine and fuel notes. . 🍨The flower has mostly dark emerald and forest green hues with vivid bold orange pistils. Sticky and dense big nugs keeping nice structure when breaking down goodnfor rolling up. . 🍦While smoking I tasted sweet creamy earthy gellato with some diesel and a light cheesy taste on the exhale.A smooth heavy smoke. . 🍨First puffs I felt in the back of the head,it melts into your chest and back inducing some heavy relaxation while alleviating stress from aches and pains. Found myself locked in on YouTube on the couch for a while. The munchies kicked in early, before Ieven finished the blunt my stomach started rumbling. Long lasting relaxing high great for managing stress insomnia appetite and minor body aches.
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