Strain Review: Kush Mints x Strawnana by Tiki Toke Garden

Kush Mints × Strawnana

LINEAGE/GENETICS – Kush Mints × Strawnana 14er

ORIGINAL BREEDER – Purple City Genetics @purplecitygenetics

GROWER – Tiki Toke Garden @tiki_toke_garden

CLUB – Goodlifetnf @_goodlifetene_2021

Kush Mints x Strawnana Strain Review

LOOKS – 8/10 – Small and dense, well trimmed pebbles with a good frosting of trichomes throughout.

SMELL – 8/10 – Very strong strawberry and creamy banana flavour out of the jar. Literally reminding me of a fresh strawberry and banana smoothie. When cracked the aroma is more gassy and the kush flavours come through slightly.

BURN – 8/10 – Clean white ash and burning consistently to the very end.

TASTE – 8/10 – Sharp and sweet strawberry candy flavours on the pallet on the inhale and the some gassy and mint flavours on the exhale. Very clean flavour.

EFFECTS 8/10 – This strain pack a a good punch and the effects were very relaxing and sedative this is a great all rounder and an easy smoke.

OVERALL – 40/50 – A solid 8 in every category and I’m really enjoying smoking it.
#strawnana🍓🍌 #kushmints #tikitoke #purplecitygenetics

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Check out more reviews by @the_originalcannaseur on Instagram! (

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