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Strain Review: Moon Pops by Bionic Budz

MoonPops Lineage/Genetics: (MoonBow 112(Skittlez x Dosido)) x (BlowPops(Sunset Sherb x OG Kush)) Grown By: Bionic Budz @bionicbudz Original Breeder: Unknown Terpene Profile: Unknown

Moon Pops Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Having never tried or really seen this cut around, I definitely think BionicBudz got one with this one. From the genetics to the smoke, personally checks all the boxes for me. Having said that, it’s fair to say I’m enjoying this one considering I smoked a Zip to the face and still want more. Amazing bag appeal on this flower. You get an array of colors: purple, light green, dark green, and orange hairs sprinkled throughout the nugs. Not to mention nice trichome coverage. The initial nose reminds me of notes of Skittlez mixed sherb with some of the citrus type og notes mixed in with the Skittlez. You get that nice dosido smell in the mix too, which gives me those cookie like terps. More pungent gassier notes shine through on the breakdown with a almost candy like aroma. Sweet sherby Z candy like notes on the dry pull with an added cookie like terp from the Dosi. The smoking experience on this one fire too, smooth smoke with some good terps. Beautiful blend of all genetics involved. Some hits you get more of the skittlez with added pressire from the og while other notes you pick up on the Dosi. Reminded me of almost a PeanutButter type terp in there, not PeanutButterBreathe Like. Great medicinal effects on the smoke too. This one left me care free and relaxed, keep smoking it though it will lay you out. Euphoria with a relaxed state of being. Could smoke this one all day forreal. Shout out to @bionicbudz for the great work. *Personal/Medical Use Only. Visual/Imagery/Informational Purposes Only, NFS.
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Check out more reviews by @digital.smoke on Instagram! (

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