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Strain Review: Zerbert by Stoney Cannabis

Zerbert 🗿Review Lineage/Genetics: (Blu Sherbert x Zkittlez) Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Stoney Cannabis

Zerbert Strain Review

. @stoneycannabis . Went to the @serenitysesh and there were some great finds there this Zerbert being one. The folks @serenitysesh & @stoneycannabis are cool af, looking forward to more events and more strains. . 🗿The aroma and flavor profiles both have a sweetblueberry and sour skittles mix with a soapy citrus blend. The aroma is a little more earth & pine while when smoking you get a blend of fruity skittles and musky citrus soap taste. . 💯The high is very potent and shoots a stream of spacey relaxtion to your mind that quickly travels to your limbs a for a full body indica high as it slowly cancels out all the mental stress you may have had. The high slowly gets more heady as you become more relaxed and unfocused you also find a increase in euphoria. Great for relaxing low energy activities like binging movies and listening to music. . 🔥Dense, sticky nugs that have a moist and grainy texture when broken down. Glittering trichomes nearly completely blanket each leaf and add a diamond like glow to the blend of midnight purple, fresh and forest green hues and burnt orange pistils.
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