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Strain Review: Peanut Butter Breath by South Bay Connetics

Peanut Butter Breath🥜🌬 Lineage/Genetics: (DoSiDoMendo Breath) Original Breeder: ThugPug Genetics Grower: South Bay Connetics

South Bay Connetics Peanut Butter Breath Strain Review

. A great grow from @southbayconnetic thanks for reaching out 💯 . 🥜Super pungent, skunky peanut butter notes with a soapy fuel undertone and deep earthy hints. Imagine what your breath would smell like after eating a pb sandwich with some weed leaves in between. The aroma fills every spaces and clings onto you all day like cologne. . 🌬A super pungent high carried by a super smooth and flavorful smoke. Immediately off the the first puffs youll feel a stoney, spacey sensation take over helping you relax and cut out all the stress while also opening your mind up creatively.Both highs are intense but the body high is dominant. As you enjoy the spacey feeling any aches and pains in your body melt away leaving a your limbs feel heavy and leaving you stucl to whatever couch you ended up. The munchies hit hard and if youre like @ko_smokez and I, Youll end up being so excited to eat that you’ll vbuy something different( @guysflavortownkitchen) off @doordash and end up hating it, further increasing your hunger. Thank God for @dennysdiner being open 247. . 🦈The Big chunky nugs are super dense and sticky the bigger nugs each weighed over a gram. The aroma gets stronger as you break downn the flower. It keeps a fluffy grainy texture great for rolling up or packing in a bowl. . 💯The flower is a beautiful spectacle showcasing nice vibrant blend of purple violet leaves with hints of lime green. The pistils are a bold fiery peanutbutter orange color. A thick coat of trichomes cover each nug like it was sprinkled with sugar.
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