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Strain Review: Purple Punch by Cypress Cannabis

Purple Punch ⚛️🥊 Review *latepost Lineage/Genetics: (Larry OGGrand Daddy Purple) Original Breeder: Super Nova Gardens Grower: Cypress Cannabis

Cypress Cannabis Purple Punch Strain Review

Indica Dominant Cannabis Flower . 23.02% THC 26.76% Total Cannabinoids . @cypresscannabis Hawaiian bred by @supernovagardens @greenalohakauai . ⚛️Sweet creamy, blueberry & grape flavor and aroma with a consistent touch of tropical vanilla Undertones. Big popcorn shaped, dark greens leaves and camel brown tinted lighter green leaves with a thick, dusty layer of trichomes create a delightfull aesthetic to the beautiful nugs. Bold vibrant amber pistols cluster together to balance the faded shades of green the trichomes help create. . 🥊Super potent body high. Although youll find some uplifting heady effects as you smoke and enjoy the flavor, the body high is super strong and itll punch you out like a light , hence the name. A really nice cross of 2 potent and pungent strains that you can enjoy anytime as long as you prepare for a crash. .
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