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Strain Review: Sundae Driver by Cypress Cannabis

Sundae Driver🏌🏿️🍨 Review *latepost Lineage/Genetics: (Grape PieFruity Pebbles OG) Original Breeder: Cannarado Genetics Grower: Cypress Cannabis

Cypress Cannabis Sundae Driver Strain Review

Indica Dominant Hybrid Cannabis . 21.53% THC 25.95% Total Cannabinoids . @cypresscannabis bred(2018) by @cannaradogeneticsviacali @reallycannarado . 🏌🏿️Delicious mix of terpenes that create a creamy, chocolatey, floral grape and cranberry set of aromas and flavors. . 🥧The medium sized popcorn nugs have a frosty coat of trichomes on top of fluffy forest green leaves with chocolatey clusters of thin long pistils. . 🍨A nice potent body buzzing and mind calming/relaxing high great for any time you wanna stop and smell the roses. Cypress Cannabis is one of my favorite companies at the dispensary and sundae driver was one of the first strains that got my attention from them.
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