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Strain Review: Cypress OG (Khalifa Kush) by Cypress Cannabis

Cypress OG 🌴🌲Review *latepost (Cypress’ Khalifa Kush ) Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush Original Breeder: RiverRock Grower: Cypress Cannabis

Khalifa Kush Strain Review

. 23.21% THC 27.63% Total Cannabinoids . @cypresscannabis . 💯Khalifa Kush is a high CBD cut of OG Kush popularized by @wizkhalifa . Cypress Og is Cypress Cannabis version of Khalifa Kush. . 🔥Spring green, grape sized nugs with deep green outer leaves covered in a layer of trichomes with light orange pistils. The flower is dense and has some tight spaced leaves but crumbles nicely in your finger tips and keeps the kushy texture. . 🌴The aroma is piney ,earthy & very pungent and cuts straight through your nose tingling your brain. The flavor is pine with hint of lime and an earthy undertone. . 🌲The high for this strain is very head strong. You get strong mind buzzing sensation that helps you focus but also kinda gives you tunnels vision making you aloof to alot of obvious things, youll definitely reach that stoney place on cloud 9. Great for anytime especially when you need a creative or social boost. I dont reccommend smoking if you have a headache because the heady high may irritate you, but great for a mood enhancement, appetite regulation, socializing and creativity.
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