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Strain Review: Peyote OG by Cypress Cannabis

Peyote OG 🏜🌵Review Lineage/Genetics: (PeyoteSkywalker OG) Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Cypress Cannabis Delivery Service: Proven SF

Peyote OG Strain Review

Indica Cannabis Flower . 23.07% THC 0.09% CBD 28.10% Total Cannabinoids . @cypresscannabis @sfproven . 🌵The name “Peyote” comes from a plant native to Mexico and the Southern U.S. Native Americans knew early on that the plant gave human hallucinogenic effects. . 🛸Heavy pine and earth with a some sweet peppery notes and a minty menthol undertone. While smoking you get a nice blend of sweet pine and earth with some kicks spice helping carry each hits potency. . 💯The potent high sends a euphoric focus to your mind that cuts straight through any stress and tension you may have while keeping you upbeat and in good mood. The high is pretty active but not in an anxious way youll find it enjoyable to do regular things but also have the ambition to do that thing you know youve been putting off for too long. Whenever you allow for it is when the crash hits and it puts you out like a light. A great strain to smoke on throughout the day giving you that boost however you need it. . 🔥The trichome sparkling nugs are big and chunky with some tight spaced leaves leaving just enough room for amber brown pistils to grow through in little clusters. The leaves are deep and forest green on top getting lighter and greener as you get closer to the stem. . 💯💯Thanks again @sfproven for the great service.
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One thought on “Strain Review: Peyote OG by Cypress Cannabis

  • Loxxie

    Is the delta products FDA approved.. BECAUSE I HEAR THEY’RE not.


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