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Strain Review: China White by STIIIZY

China White 🤍⛩ Review Lineage/Genetics: (White RhinoChinese Indica) Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: STIIIZY Dispensary: Canna Culture

China White Strain Review

Indica Dominant Premium Indoor Cannabis . 27.6% THC . @stiiizy @stiiizyinsider @stiiizynation @cannaculturesanjose @ko_smokez . 🐉China White personally reminds of the term “Fine China” but quick google search proved me otherwise. China White means a few different things but its earliest use was in the 70s in reference to pure drugs.(DC Comics also has a villainess with the name) . 🔥Chunky green buds with an olive tinge and burnt amber pistils. Off white trichomes create a peach-fuzz like layer on the nugs. . 🤍A unique blend of sweet earthy spice and a sour herbs quickly fill your nose. There is a sweet sour earthy blend in flavors as your enjoy the thick potent smoke. . ⛩This was a pretty strong hybtid that definitely caught me off guard. Initially after a few puffs my mind had a nice buzz that induced some stress and tension relieving effects. My creativity and over all euphoria increased for a while making it pretty easy to get into anything. Your body continues to relax and slow down until you find yourself couchlocked eating munchies. Great for a mood enhancement at the end of a long day and helps with insomnia.
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