Cresco FloraCal Showdown: Kush Mintz vs Vanilla Cake

So after reviewing @floracalfarms last time I was sad to see we weren’t getting alot of the Cali FloraCal strains that made them blow up on the west coast. Instead it seemed to be relabeled @crescoofficial weed packed as FloraCal. So after hearing a bit more about this situation it seems Cresco is using FloraCal as a reserve line for Cresco. Meaning anything that’s considered top of the line can go into the FloraCal label and they charge an extra ten bucks. Although feeling a bit led astray overall I must say the last review of Morning Dew was pretty good so I decided to grab the Kush Mints(left) and Vanilla Cake(right) to do a side by side to get a better feel of their products.

Brand: Cresco x FloraCal

Cresco Floracal Showdown


KM- Animal Mints*Bubba Kush bred by @seedjunky_jbeezy

VC- Kush Mints*Wedding Cake bred by @seedjunky_jbeezy

Bag Appeal

KM- Extremely frosted well cured 4 nug eighth with deep Emerald greens and vibrant pumpkin pistils. 24/25

VC- Mint, lime, and sage green arrowhead shaped buds with apricot colored pistils. Solid cure for 5 month old weed with lots of tiny speckled trichomes. 22/25


KM- Sweet floral almond cookie that breaks down to a milky effervescent kush. 23/25

VC- Light floral, sweet yeast, and fresh linen that breaks down to wild flowers and creamy kush. 19/25


KM- Lung knocking smoke tasting like earthy French roast coffee, dryer sheets and a touch of minty chocolate. Dry pull of floral milky kush that burns down to bright white ash and medium resin ring. 23/25

VC- Lacking alot of flavor its a mix of imitation French vanilla, fresh towels out the dryer, and a bland sweet cakey kush to finish. Smooth with slight peppery punch at the end from the Caryophyllene. Dry pull of fall baking spice that burns down to clean white ash with heavy resin drip. 19/25


KM- Stress melting body rocking head calming buzz after 4-5 hits. Good for inducing munchies and leaves very little couch lock while lasting 60-75 min. 22/25

VC- High THCA and THC yet balanced 60/40 body to head with creeping effects that boils over to narcotic euphoria. Heavy headed buzz after 1 bowl that lasts 75-90 min. 23/25

KM- 92

VC- 83


cresco floracal showdown kush mints by theweedadvocate

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