Cultivar Review: Gelato 41 BX x Jealousy #9 by Michigrown

So on my recent trip to Michigan I was able to secure a pheno hunt box of Gelato 41 BX(Gelato 41*Gelato 41)*Jealousy(Gelato 41*Sherb Bx1) from @michigrown. These boxes contain 3 phenos(#5,#7,#9)of a strain that they want help with to make their final pick to run. How exciting is that!? If only Illinois would do something this cool. They even have QR codes to scan and send them a review on each one. This has been one of the hottest @seedjunky_jbeezy drops in sometime so doing some pheno hunting is going to be fun!

Lineage/Genetics: (Gelato 41 x Gelato 41) x (Gelato 41 x Sherb Bx1)

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: Michigrown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Gelato 41 BX x Jealousy #9 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

gelato 41 bx x jealousy #9 by michigrown strain review by theweedadvocateBag Appeal

#9-Sandy sage green medium density buds with no purps visible on this cut. Long carrot colored pistils and thick egg wash colored trichomes with far less stickiness than the first 2. 23/25


#9-Deep gas and pine out the jar with far less Sherb notes. Once broken down you get rubber gloves, tennis balls, and just a bit of that floral sweetness. 21/25


#9-Far less sweet than the 1st 2 with more green bud characteristics of pine and gas taking the forefront of flavor with a bit of harshness on the finish. Dry pull of black anise, gas , and pine that burns down to dark grey ash and no drip. 20/25


#9-Much quicker onset with the buzz hitting right between the eyes in minutes. Deep relaxation with pain relief and calming action that last 60-75 min. 23/25

Final Score


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