Cultivar Review: Horchata from Jews Who Infuse

Horchata – @jewswhoinfuse

Nose: Earthy, sweet, cakey, creamy, vanilla, woody, piney
Inhale: Creamy, floral, citrus, coffee, musty
Exhale: Musty, sweet, woody, diesel (light notes), cakey, coffee

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Jet Fuel Gelato x Mochi Gelato

Bred by: GreenFire Genetics

Cultivated by: Undisclosed

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Jews Who Infuse Horchata Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Hey what’s up everyone? I can’t believe we are already halfway done with August! It seems like this summer has been flying but I wanted to slow down for a minute to give you another review. I recently linked up with Jewswhoinfuse after not having seen him for the past several months. He hooked me up with some local flavors that are from undisclosed grower(s). Since the package I received had some quality stuff I figured I’d share a couple for review. Today, I will kick it off by diving into the Horchata, which is a flavor I do not think I have formally discussed before. Although I am quite familiar with this cultivar it has been awhile since it has fallen into my hands. Featuring a cross between Jet Fuel Gelato and Mochi Gelato, I have always seemed to have had a sweet, creamy experience with this cultivar blending in with various fruit flavors courtesy of its Gelato-laden lineage. I have always had at the very least moderate success with offerings received from Jewswhoinfuse so I had high hopes for this one upon obtaining it. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

I received the Horchata wrapped up in a plastic ziplock bag with an indication of what cultivar it was by the black letters from a Sharpie on front. As soon as I got it open, I gained a mellow, overly earthy, nose upon first impression. While I did make out faint, sweet and piney notes in the background this, in essence, had a particularly earthy appeal to it in solid nug form. The closer I brought it towards my nostrils I honed in on moderately cakey, creamy layer. As soon as I cracked one open, I received a fair amount of fuel as that sweet, creamy complexion through the nose still had prevalence. Each one had a very noteworthy appearance as the trim on it was 100% hand crafted.

Boasting forest green leaves that gave a flakiness to the structure, the remainder resembled a light green color consisting of an impressive covering of triches. Coming out of the jar, this batch of Horchata had a unique look, with hairy spots of orange pistils throughout the structure. This cultivar had to have been the stickiest I’ve seen since Doctor Dankest’s Onions (although not as sticky). I would advise against using a grinder to break down this cultivar as it is just going to get jammed up due to the degree of how sticky it actually is. This batch of Horchata must be peeled and, preferably, split beneath fingernails to get into a fine ground. Once doing so, I could detected a heavier gas odor than before throwing off some imminent notes of vanilla, pine and must. Still, I didn’t think the overall nose of this was anything overpowering by any stretch of the imagination. As I proceeded to take a dry pull from the joint the taste fed off creamy fuel notes with a light amount of floral and pine thrown in the mix.

When I sparked the Horchata in an Organic RAW, the initial inhales instilled a creamy, cakey taste that drew a good amount of mustiness to compliment. I can’t deny that the floral taste that hit early and often within this cultivar did power those more pressuresome pulls. On the way out, I also gained a rather sweet and musty taste during the follow through.

Early on, the exhales left a flattering shortbread taste resonating on my breath which came with slight undertones of wood. Around a 1/4 of the way into the sesh is when I stared to hone in on a very mild taste of citrus that graced the tip of my tongue. This was, for the most part, a generic citrus taste that layered beneath those creamy and woody terps that were much more prevalent. I can say that this was a very delectable and clean smoke early, however, nothing really stood out as an “it” factor for me. Nearing the halfway point in the sesh, I did notice the pulls sharpen a bit. During this time I began to let out light notes of diesel throughout each exhale. In turn, the flavor resulted in a big of oil forming in the sidewalls of the joint, leaving a bit of resin at the tip of my mouth for times I didn’t use a filter. The burn on the joint was strong, however, this resulted in a peppery black ash. I still really didn’t notice anything immediately harsh and the hits remained more on the user-friendly side of things. Moving deeper into the sesh, I still caught wind of those citrus notes from earlier as this gave off an odd coffee taste. The coffee taste was sweet and managed to fade in and out on some inhales. Not to forget that I didn’t really lose sight of those creamy, cakey, vanilla notes felt throughout the first half of the sesh. Overall, I thought the Horchata had pretty decent smokability as well as an enjoyable terp profile although I didn’t think it was quite on the “exceptional” level.

I did notice a little bit of lag within the onset of medicinal effects kicking into to gear. Within about 10 minutes after the sesh ended I began to feel an increase in energy within my loins while, at the same time, I felt extremely alert and perceptive. For some reason, i simply got the urge to either get out and be active outside or become thought-provoked and spiral deep into my mind. Usually experiencing the first of the two while under the influence of this cultivar, I found this to be my go-to smoke during the day past couple of weeks.=

Adding a spark of creativity to even the most simplest task, this batch of Horchata had a knack to lighten up dull moments. The effects hit the body enough to where it was easy to remain calm, even when carrying on lengthy conversations. At the same time, this soothed muscles/joints from head to toe gripping the consumer with its balanced nature. Within an hour into the onset of effects, I didn’t notice myself slowing down. Still having a presence of mind for the task at hand while, at the same time, enjoying the full-scale euphoria this provided between each crevice in my body. When it was all said and done the effects worked their magic for a near 2 hours, boasting ideal daytime characteristics. I can wholeheartedly say I favored this feature the most within the Horchata.

After having a chance to try the Horchata that was assisted to me by Jewswhoinfuse, I thought this was an all-around decent smoke. While the nugs were pretty noteworthy upon opening the jar up, the nose was, for the most par, on the underwhelming side. This not to say it wasn’t enticing but this didn’t slap the nostrils by any stretch. The smoke was a user-friendly one and I believe would be a hit amongst smokers at all experience levels. Additionally, if you prefer a creamy, mustier terp profile than you will be in luck with this one. The high is inevitably powerful bringing on an outgoing experience. I wouldn’t expect to be couch-lock off this one so I’d suggest seshing with this one during the daytime. Given the duration of effects as well as balance, I even think this has potential to please some of those more indica-leaning smokers. Not to mention this cultivar possessed strong social effects making it ideal for a gathering with friends. I wanted to thank Jewswhoinfuse for making a return and putting some more fire in my hands. I will have follow up soon.



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