Cultivar Review: Mosa Berries by Sole Elevation

Mosa Berries #MosaBerries by @soleelevation

Lineage/Genetics – Blueberry x Mimosa

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Sole Elevation

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Mosa Berries Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

@soleelevation & @xraided199 have a good eyes and palates on curating the proper flower for their lineup. Mosa Berries to me it’s the best one I had so far. Mosa Berries is a tasty, unique flower that has great effects and an enjoyable smoke experience. The combination of Blueberry 🫐 x Mimosa brings out a special one of kind scent and a define palate. My bro @robbreefa hooked me up with a nice nug to review. The medium size bud came with a bloody orange mimosa amber pistils, avocado 🥑 color buds, covered with crystalline trichomes. The scent is berry infused citrus with terpenolene gas fuel aroma. The palate is a mimosa citrus blueberry , fruity, lemon tree fuel flavors. It remind me of one unique Maine cultivar, the cherry ghostenade. The effects are medium level cerebral high, euphoric body high. The high can last 1.5-2 hours. It had me active on the first sesh, had me couch locked on the second sesh. The high is felt around 7-8 pulls in, feels intense after the sesh. The ashes burned clean salt ash hints of pepper. A bit harsh on the inhale, nothing crazy to kill the vibes. It’s harshness of the fuel that it’s being inhaled. Overall I recommend this cultivar, due to its taste, effects and scent. Shoutout to my bro @robbreefa for blessing me with this amazing flower. Shoutout to @soleelevation x @xraided199 definitely 💯 have a keeper. MosaBerries – 4.2/5
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Robbreefa Mosa-Berries Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Mosa-Berries (Blueberries x Mimosa) from @soleelevation & @xraided199

Reefa rating :
Smell- ✅

Man so this is deff one of my highlights of 2022. Enjoyed this a lot!

Smell- orange/grapefruit ish citrus, pine earthyness.

Look- light greens. Bunched brown hairs. Covered well in trichomes

Smoke & taste- very enjoyable. Inhale was up to par with the citrus smell. Exhale left me wanting to take another pull! It held its flavor all the thru!

High- creeped in almost immediately nfs. My Matta & body started feeling light needless to say this got my mind right!

Memorable- no question. From the flavor profile and potency I will not being forgetting this all! This hit the right buttons for me.

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