Cultivar Review: Pink Hawaiian Pufferz by Pufferz x Za City Exotics

Pink Hawaii Pufferz cultivar #pinkhawaiipufferz – by @pufferz_official x @zacitybackupacc x @za_city_exotics_

Lineage/Genetics – Pink starburst( AJ Sour Diesel, an Underdog OG and DJ Short’s Blueberry ) x Z3(Zkittles x Hindu Kush)BC3

Originally Bred by – unknown oakland cultuvator..

Grower: Pufferz x Za City Exotics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Pink Hawaii Pufferz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by Letmeseewhatusmokin

I’ve been hearing about the @pufferz_official brand and from my stoner bro @za_city_exotics_ making their ways in the city . I got this sample from my other stoner bro @robbreefa, check his review on the pink Hawaii. Pink Hawaii Pufferz is the child of two of the terpiest parents, pink starburst & the well known Z3 . I tasted a blend of all the parents from citrus/berry flavors of the the z3 combine with the pink starburst, the earthy punch of the Hindu Kush in the Z3.

The blueberry, Sour Diesel from the pink starburst give that myrcene berry flavors and long lasting dank high. The palate is a tasty fruity pink starburst, lemon citrus strawberry taste, followed by an earthy punch. The scent is blends of candy, floral, hint of gas. The structure is a combination of Zkittles structure with The trichomes stigmas of the pink starburst. The high is medium level cerebral high, perfect balance effects. I felt relaxed for about 2 hours high.

It was perfect for the busy day at work. I smoked it on @elementspapers king size with @gordoscientific cobalt Blue rip tip. I taste the terp profile of caryophyllene, limonene & myrcene. The fruity and candy terps are the highlights of this flower. The ashes were a bit dirty, salt 🧂 and pepper vibes. I feel the high makes you forget about the color of the ash, but it was harsh on the exhale, smooth and fruity/herbal on the inhale. Overall it was worth the try, I love the high, the taste and aroma, not a big fan of the smoke 💨.

Pink Hawaii pufferz gets a 4.2/5…

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Pink Hawaiian Pufferz Review by Robbreefa

Pink Hawaiian pufferez (Pink Ztarburst x z3) by @za_city_exotics_ x @pufferz_official

Lineage/Genetics: Pink Ztarburst x Z3

Original Breeder: Unknown

Brand/Grower: Pufferz x Za City Exotics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Pink Hawaiian Pufferz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Reefa rating:
Smell- ✅
Reefa recommended- ✅

Spin the jar open and these terps start talking! Za city has been working and I know he has some hittas in the line up but this one grab my attention Fr! Aroma is an attention grabber with a lavender berry scent that amplifies after the grind. Although I did enjoy tho smoke, can’t say it burned the cleanest, which I felt slightly on the exhale but not enough to deter the enjoyment of the smoke. The high imo is a stoners type of stoned, meaning if you trying to relieve stress or find something to stimulate creativity this is it💯🍃🍃

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