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Cultivar Review: Roxanne by Logan Local

On the right side we have from @loganlocal47, Roxanne, @exoticgenetix_mike bred beauty of Pacoima Kush aka @kushcocali OG and Red Runtz. Logan’s Local has been a purveyor of fine Cannabis in the Chi bringing the finest funk to this city. So let’s see how these strains match up! Lineage/Genetics: OG x Red Runtz Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix Grower: Logan Local Terpene Profile: Unknown

Roxanna Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

roxanne by logan local strain review by theweedadvocate 2ROX- Harvest gold colors with a backdrop of deep midnight purple. Heavy layers of long headed golden trichomes cover brick brown colored pistils with a nice cure that leads to a kief heavy breakdown. 22/25 ROX- Heavy fuel and slight candy notes that are exaggerated after to break down to highlight a mix of classic OG and new school Runtz gas with a touch of anise. 22/25 ROX- OG Kush forward flavor with candied gas coming at the end. Very little strawberry from the Red Runtz which can be dominating with the Red Pop. Strawberry fuel on the dry pull that burns down to dark salt n pepper ash with light drip. 21/25 ROX- Quick onset rushing around the head after a few puffs. Once there it rips thru the body leading to long relaxation and mood enhancement. 75-90 min buzz for mid to late night. 23/25 ROX-88 Points #weedadvocate #loganlocal #gradybrown
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