Dab Review: DJ’s Gold Live Resin by Harmony Extracts

DJ’s Gold (DJ Short’s Blueberry x Kosher Kush) @harmony_extracts isn’t normally a strain that would interest me since blueberry has always made me sorta depressed and Kosher Kush was never grown right when I got it.

Lineage/Genetics: DJ Short Blueberry x Kosher Kush

Original Breeder: DNA Genetics

Processor: Harmony Extracts

DJ’s Gold Live Resin Review

Harmony’s cross is done very nicely and it’s stuff like this that opens me back up to strains that I originally didn’t like.

It’s very apparent that Myrcene and limonene are what dominate every aspect of this strain. The smell is so damn sweet, a little gassy too but it’s just enough to make the fruit smell come out even more. It’s like a lime tart with candied blueberries and strawberries and it’s easy to pick it up every 5 minutes out of habit to smell it. The smell kinda makes me happy

Taste wise, the lime and orange rind coats the mouth and nose when you blow it out. Its much better taken at a little bit lower temp than normal.

The high is heavily true to the terps, hazy and satisfying stone in the head but it was easy to get groceries still (with the exception of it actually stimulating my appetite and stopping to look at everything). The high and smell really changed my mind about both parent strains, and I usually stick with the newer cultivars but I’ll have to explore some old shit too now



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