Strain Review: Opal Aura OG by Revolution Cannabis

Lets kick this review off with @revcanna’s hot new genetic Opal Aura OG. While we wait for the craft licenses get operational these two companies have sat at the forefront of the state’s top cultivators so lets have a little friendly battle to see who’s new strain reigns supreme.

Lineage/Genetics: Royal Wedding x Cake Crasher

Original Breeder: Revolution Cannabis

Grower: Revolution Cannabis

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Opal Aura OG Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

opal aura og by revolution cannabis strainreview by theweedadvocate

Bag Appeal

OA- 5 nug 8th of dense well cured green chartreuse buds with high level of frost and dark brick red pistils. 23/25


OA- Good mix of classic OG lemon pine out the jar with sweet cake background. Once broken down a fruity sugar cereal with classic lemon pledge cleaner background. 22/25


OA- OG prominent flavor with a creamy cookies/cake flavor left on the tongue long after the last hit. Dry pull of lemon meringue that burns down to white ash with small light grey specks and small terp ring. 21/25


OA- Focused clear minded buzz that comes after the first bowl. Racy at times but energetic thru out with medium body buzz that last 45-60 min. 21/25

OA- 87 points

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