Strain Review: Banana Sunset by aeriz

Lets kick this review off with a look at @aerizusa brand new Banana Sunset(also packaged as Super Donuts under @93boyz label)

Lineage/Genetics – Banana Creme Cake x Jealousy

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics @seedjunky_jbeezy

Grower: aeriz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Banana Sunset Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

banana sunset by aeriz strain review by theweedadvocate

Bag Appeal

BS- 8 nug 8th of smalls, breaking down like cottonballs with mediocre amount of frost. Mixture of forest and emerald greens with golden center and burnt orange pistils. 20/25


BS- Sharp lemon rind fuel that broken down gets bits of ripe banana, lemon lime candy, and acetone. 23/25


BS- Banana Runtz candy, bruleed lemon peel, good mix of Zkittlez gas, and bitter grapefruit. Dry pull of zippy lemon banana gas that burns down to salt and pepper ash with small resin ring. 22/25


BS- Even body mind relaxation that takes 3-4 hits for its calming effects to set in. After a couple bowls and the eyelids will start drooping for a good 60-75 min. 22/25

BS- 87 points


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