Cultivar Review: Cake Crasher by Revolution Cannabis

Once establishing yourself as the leader in cultivation in Illinois what’s the next step in securing your spot in the annals of this short lived Illini Cannabis history, well start making fire genetics of course! Well thats exactly what @revolutioncanna has started to do the last few years, with staples like Florida Orange and Blueberry Clementine they have already set themselves above the rest in terms of genetics. Well add one more to the stable with the evenly balanced hybrid Cake Crasher. They took @beezyblend Wedding Cake(pheno of TK*Animal Mints)and crossed it with one of their many Wedding Crasher(Wedding Cake*Purple Punch)phenos originallybred by @symbioticgenetics. These phenos have produced many of their new stock including a favorite of mine King Crasher.

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Wedding Crasher

Original Breeder/Grower: Revolution Cannabis

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cake Crasher Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

cake crasher by revolution cannabis strain review by theweedadvocateFive medium plus density buds with frost so thick it shades out the greens and rusty copper pistils like it was caught out in a snowstorm. Very nice cure thats plucks apart like cotton balls, a nice change of pace from the dry dust I’m used to from dispos. 24/25

Light floral berry scents out the jar that erupt into grape soda/bubblegum that makes you want to chew on a bud like some big league chew. Light undertones of the floral Linalool bounce off the heavy candy grape scent. 23/25

Peppery hoppy kick from the high Beta Myrcene and Beta Caryophyllene combo that is a complete reversal from what you’d expect from the smell. The grape bubble gum is is a mere aftertaste left in your mouth. Grape kool-aid candy notes on the dry pull that burns down with a oaky white pepper kick. Expect light grey ash and medium resin drip. 21/25

For two heavyweight parent genetics I would have expected this one to bang much harder. Don’t expect a sedative buzz, much more relaxation for both mind and body to achieve the long list of life’s chores. I stopped mid review to knock out some of mine with a very elated mood to make the boring tasks just seem not so boring. 19/25

87 points- Weed Advocate

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