Strain Review: Black Cherry Punch by Locol Love

Black Cherry Punch (Black Cherry Pie x Purple Punch) by @locol_love

Lineage/Genetics: Black Cherry Pie x Purple Punch

Original Breeder: In House Genetics

Grower: Locol Love

Locol Love Black Cherry Punch Strain Review

I hope they continue to drop flower more in Fort Collins, the 2 strains I’ve had from them are really making me crave more. Only other comparison for quality that I’ve had would be Cherry and Veritas when they’re very good. Purple Punch may be one of the most underwhelming strains out there but this cross and excellent grow made for a potent high.

The 3 dominant terps are caryophyllene, Myrcene and limonene in that order with caryophyllene taking half of its total terpene content 🤤🤤 I really over pepper everything I eat that’s salty and I enjoy it every time. I also think caryophyllene is becoming a favorite if mine and that proves it lol

The smell is peppery at first but settles into a sugary mixed berry smell. Like frozen mixed berries but baked into a pie. Taste is allll caryophyllene though, just spicy and earthy and berry on the end of the exhale

This packs a damn hard punch so more like a kick. You can refer back to the video I took yesterday and how much it was manhandling me😂 it’s a full bodied, weighs-you-down completely high and it’s hard to focus on anything but what’s in your hand or immediately in front of you.

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