Dab Review: Frozay Live Badder by Habana Extracts

Frozay (Bacio x Rozay) 🧊 🍦 @habanaextracts @cubancrewcolorado

Lineage/Genetics: Bacio x Rozay

Original Breeder: Relentless Genetics

Processor: Habana Extracts

Frozay Live Badder Review

The genetics on this are really incredible, it’s fun getting those strains that seem rare/exotic for the first time. Anything with gelato in it (Bacio is basically Gelato 41) will send you out of your clothes and floor you. At least if you like heavier strains, terps hit everyone differently and all of our ECS’s can only compare and juxtapose how each strain affects us. Rozay is a unique strain too. I think anyone would find the physical aspects of this strain to be appealing and quite impressive. Live badder is by far best when it’s mushy and wet like this is, reactive to the tool. If you give the top a little press the whole gram will start to cave and follow your pressure, scooping a dab out though was more like trying to get a spoonful of creme brûlée . It would kinda stick to the tool and trail like a first press rosin would without the actual shatter-like snap.

MYRCENE. That’s the theme of this strain. Myrcene and lots of it. I can’t find much other terpene content but it’s pretty damn out there that Myrcene is the absolute culprit for every sensible attribute of this strain. the smell is sweet and sour to no end, equivalent to a bag of extra sour Sour Patch Kids. It’s heavy on first open, and it’s just as heavy if you smell it after a few minutes left open. Hints of Cherry limeade and diesel will live in your nose and use your nose hairs to swing around 🤣 this is by far not a strain for those who hate fruity terps. It’s got a more subtle and earthy taste, more like an organic mango that was cut into a few days too early. You get some of the sweetness but mostly a planty crisp taste.

The smoke was pleasant, light but you can tell you’re about to get high by the pressure it puts in your chest. This one hits hard, it’ll introduce itself into your eyes and forehead clearly and forcefully. It puts you in a euphoric trance and makes you think to yourself “this is my world for the next few hours.” Gotta say the fruitiness and uplifting spirit of the crippling high suggests some limonene as well, so if you like fruity terps this is a go to.

I would suggest doing something attentive with this or else you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a pool of mud. The crash requires some energy retention through maybe like a coconut water or something, but if you can handle the crash the high will make it worth it.

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Check out more reviews by @no.mids on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/no.mids)

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