Dab Review: Gorilla Mintz Rind by Extractioneering Oregon

This Extractioneering Oregon x Cold Frame Farms Gorilla Mintz rind had a light smell of piney earthy gas, like minty Gorilla Glue, but also had some off smell to it as well.

Grower/Processor: Cold Frame Farms/Extractioneering Oregon

Gorilla Mintz Rind Review

I’m not really sure what to say about the color and texture of the rind. It’s just unappealing to be perfectly honest. If someone offered this to me at a sesh, I would respectfully turn it down. That being said, I agreed to do the review and I was generally curious how it would dab.

The answer is, not that well. It definitely had some Gorilla Glue type earthy gas flavor but it was just off. It wasn’t foul or anything like I thought it might be, but it wasn’t good. It also left some harshness in my throat.

The high was stoney in my head with some light relief for my body. The high wasn’t bad in any way but it wasn’t even close to as strong as the other products I’ve tried from Extractioneering Oregon. I found myself wanting another dab of something else afterwards.

Overall the Rind wasn’t actually as bad as a feared it would be. I’d been putting off trying it for a while honestly but it wasn’t terrible. It certainly wasn’t good though. In fact, I have to go as far as to say that I would never purchase this product or consume it again after doing the review. There are just too many other options available for me today.

Made 8/13/21

Tested 8/25/21 SC Labs

This review was sponsored by Extractioneering Oregon

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