Dab Review: Grape Pie HTFSE by Extractioneering Oregon

This Extractioneering Oregon x Surfr Grape Pie (Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper) HTFSE came in a small glass vial. The oil inside had a reddish amber cured resin color to it and moved quite freely in the container.

Lineage/Genetics: Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper

Grower/Processor: Surfr/Extractioneering Oregon

Grape Pie HTFSE Review

The smell when I opened the vial was very strong grape candy earth 🍇🍬🌱 and reminded me of Grape Pie I’ve had in the past 😋

There are several ways you can use one of these HTFSE vials and I chose to use it to fill one of the Ally pods I got from Terp Logic. The flavor was strong grape candy and earthy gas 🍇🍬🌱⛽ with some slight off taste. Vaping this HTFSE in the Ally was kinda harsh. To be fair though, the harshness could have been from the fat clouds the Ally was putting out rather than the oil itself.

The high was strong and stoney with nice body relief 🤗 Very couch lock 😴 A couple of large puffs on the Ally got me similarly medicated as my regular size dab and I didn’t find myself wanting to take a dab afterwards like I do when reviewing carts 👍🏼

Overall I enjoyed the Grape Pie HTFSE quite a bit and had fun testing it out in the Ally. It had a loud nose with strong flavor and effects 👌🏼 As far as the product type is concerned though I’m not sure exactly how I would have used it if I didn’t fill a pod. You can dab it, but I would think it would be somewhat difficult to portion and handle. I’m told you can use it to make some very flavorful edibles too, but I’m not sure how many people are looking for that quality of edible material just yet. It’s definitely an intriguing product, I just think it’s probably a little ahead of it’s time.

Made 5/14/21

Tested 5/14/21 SC Labs

This review was sponsored by Extractioneering Oregon and Terp Logic

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