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Dab Review: Kaya’s Koffee #2 Live Rosin by 710 Labs

This Kaya’s Koffee #2 from @710labs is another strain perfect for medicating. Lineage/Genetics: Alien OG x Alien Kush F2 Original Breeder: Pacific NW Roots Processor: 710 Labs

Kaya’s Koffee #2 Live Rosin Review

It produces a heavy, comfortable high that lightens my mood and helps to relieve pain. Its flavor profile is more complex than the name may suggest, but it does still have notes of delicious light roast coffee ☕️. Overall another great strain that I haven’t seen from any other growers! #hashrosin #710 #cannabiscommunity #strainreview
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Check out more reviews by @austnpickett on Instagram! (

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