Edible Review: Capn Crunch and Apple Jack Buds by The Infuzed Company

🥣@infuzed_co Capn Crunch and Apple Jack #ediblecereal buds. Processor: The Infuzed Company

Infuzed Capn Crunch and Apple Jack Buds Review

50 mg thc per bud(ball) 4 buds per pack 200mg #thc per pack . Appearance 🔟/🔟🔥 (Rice Krispie Cereal Balls, about 3-4 inch) . Flavor🔟/🔟🔥 (They taste like the real Capn Crunch Berries and Apple Jacks. Capn Crunch has a deeper late hitting taste of thc , the Apple Jack’s is slightly stronger. Sweet and dense.) . Aroma🔟/🔟🔥 (The Capn Crunch Berries Aroma and Apple Jacks Aroma with hints of thc.) . Effects🔟/🔟🔥 (Mood enhance, appetite increase, manage stress, pain, sleep, long lasting, gradual sensation) . 🥣@ko_smokez and I ate 4 buds each in about 2 hours. We ate 1 then maybe 30min later right when we first noticed effects we ate another(*2). About 45 min after we ate the 3rd bud(*3). And 30 min after that we ate the last one (*4). We were also smoking ibbetween eating ,check out the #cremebruleecookies and #strawberrycheesecake #strainreviews. . ⏱You can really start feeling it after the first 30-45 min. Your mind feels like it’s lifted to a cloud while your body starts to feel heavy and you become really giggly and loopy. . 🔥One treat hits like 1 1/2 blunts. Mood enhancing, stress relief, appetite increase, pain relief, body relaxing, sleep inducer. We had plenty of laugh attacks and engaged in alot of conversation, time felt like it was moving in slow motion. By the 4 treat we were so high and slumped we went on a slight Anime binge (made her watch yuyuhakusho), and of course fell into a great ,peaceful nap. We woke up not long later with a crazy appetite and still high af . Slept great again through the night and woke up in nice peaceful daze the next morning but with crazy #cottonmouth and munchies😅. . . Follow @westcoastsmokeshow #sjweedreview #sjweedreviews #cannabiscommunity #Bayareacannabiscommunity #cannabisreviewer #cannabisreview #cannabisreviews #strainreview #strainreviews #weedreview #potheadsofinstagram #smokeweedeveryday #explorepage #blackcannabis #cannabisculture #cannabissociety #blackcannabiscommunity #smokeweedeveryday #westcoastsmokeshow
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