Strain Review: Mochi by Lyfted Farms

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Brand: Lyfted Farms

Strain: Mochi

Lineage: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC

Original Breeder: Sherbinskis

Grower: Lyfted Farms

Lyfted Farms Mochi Strain Review

mochi by lyfted farms strain review by trunorcal420 327%THC

Comments: Had to try the Mochi from Lyfted. Interesting to see how this compares to the grapes in terms of strength and grow taste.


1. Scent: Sweet cream, maybe a slight ring of paprika and a back end of some fruity flavor that is more like a strawberry/melon combo.

2. Appearance: White trichomes, amazing colors of deep purple, green and lots of hairs. Def a nice looking little pick up. Noticed a stray fiber/hair on super zoom.

3. Nug Structure: Fairly dense little guys but they don’t dust up on breakdown which is great. Grinder would ruin the experience personally, unless you are doing the kief thing. Pressing it to hash would be interesting too.

4. Smoke: Harsh off both the bong and the bubbler. Grabs left side of the neck on exhale then levels off. Even after cleaning the bubbler with ISO, it still stung a bit on exhale. Goes away but is noticeable.

mochi by lyfted farms strain review by trunorcal420 25. Taste: More sweet candy and less fruit. Was a lil tough to place on the first few rips as the taste is mild for me.

6. Reaction: Yup. Does the trick for sure! Hazed over eyes, alert, relaxed and focused. It’s a good blend of both worlds and a few bowls more would send me to couch mode.

7. Conclusion: Definitely a good strain yet a bit dry so gotta rehydrate that. Ticket was worth the ride; I had it in rotation with other brands so it was a good reset stone. Would buy again and immediately rehydrate it with an orange peel.

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Check out more reviews by @trunorcal420 on Instagram! (

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