Edible Review: Distillate Edibles by Infinite Extracts

Up for review today we have hard candies by @infiniteextracts , these are distillate edibles which I myself don’t usually purchase but I’m willing to give almost anything a chance.

Brand: Infinite Extracts

Infinite Extracts Distillate Edibles Review

The flavor was nice, I could taste a slight cannabis flavor to the candy but mostly the fruity flavors that the candies were prominent, deffinetly tasted like a cherry and a lemon flavor that sticks to your mouth and lingers even after the candy is gone, the candies are 60 mg a piece, naturally I went with both at a 120 mg dose so lets see where time takes me.

After about 45 minutes I began to feel my eyes growing heavy and a ballon like feeling that is starting in my head, as an hour hit I could feel my legs weighted to the ground as I attempt to adjust them under the seat in front of myself, I feel myself slipping into a nice trance like stone completly relaxed and mellow, the high is alot cleaner than I was anticipating considering its distillate and that is the biggest reason I’m not big on distillate eddibles, the stone isnt broad enough or there is usually just something missing or off, but this here is hitting perfect right now.

15 minutes goes by and they hit harder, as the stone overtakes my entire body, every muscle relaxed, my eyes flutter as I stuggle to stay awake and it won’t be to long before I’m off to sleep. πŸ‘

After my weed nap which was about 2 hours, I awoke feeling super stoned, I have to pee but I don’t even want to get up and stumble to make it there, I am very mellow just relaxed, so far these candies smack hard, I coasted quite nicley for the next few hours, I am currently at my first layover and I am starving and groggy, unfortunately I was not able to get off the airplane to eat, one more layover than home, I feel as if I am beginning to come down from the stone but it’s still hanging around ever so slightly, when I get off at my 2nd layover I still have a slight floating feeling, after eating the high subsided and just a slight grogginess remains

Overall analysis, I suprisingly enjoyed these and was just what i needed for my flight enough to make me comfortable and relaxed and the perfect dose to aid in sleep for me.

There is a definite place in the market for various types of products, it’s really just a matter of what works for you, i would reccomend these to anyone who likes a strong edible that will smack and last for a good bit of time this stone lasted me right about 5 hours which is prfect for an edible in my opinion, the taste was good not the greatest I have ever had, but what I feel like is a good balance of cannabis flavor mixed with sweetness of the cherry and lemon
Great job to @infiniteextracts

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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/cannasaurus_rex_reviews)

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