Dab Review: Garlic Juice Hash Rosin by Real Deal Resin

Garlic Juice Hash Rosin

Lineage/Genetics: GMO x Papaya

Original Breeder: Oni Seed Co.

Grower: Unknown

Processor: Real Deal Resin

Garlic Juice Hash Rosin Review

garlic juice hash rosin by real deal resin dab review by cannasaurus_rex_reviewsBy @realdealresin__
Gifted by @ghostlyexhales_dc

Man I have been waiting years to get my hands on any real deal rosin, these rare gems pop up every now and than but if you sleep on them they are gone as fast as you can say hash rosin. Thank you very much to @goshtlyexhalesdc for the assist on this hard to find gift, without further ado lets slam right into this review like a body through a table.

Appearance-Lets start off with the packaging, the rosin comes in a calyx jar with the pinch and remove cap, the lid is decorated in a homage to Jake The Snake Roberts with the infamous real deal resin logo over the face, the sticker is very fragile and I have had several pieces come off, which made the collector in me sad to see, the bottom of the jar has the same logo on a sticker but is adhered to the jar much better. Upon snaping open the container I am met with a shining pile of beautiful hash rosin, the consistency is juicy wet dripping and had a nicely done cold cure super greasy and easy to mess with my wife said the consistency reminded her of playdough, you can tell just by looking at it shine that this here is some quality!

Smell-At a first sniff after letting the rosin warm up some after removing it from the fridge, I am hit with almost a slight mintyness at first, I drag my tool and crush the material up to open up the flavor, as soon as I did that a sweet garlic fills the room and lingers to the point you would think someone was cooking with garlic,I give one last deep wiff into the jar, on the back end a creamy spicy pepperyness smacks me similar to a wasabi/horseradish sauce with the nostril burn to go with it, deffinetly some interesting terps on this one with alot of layers.

Taste-On my inhale the first flavor that hit my pallette is a sweetness that follows behind with a very smooth garlic, the hit makes my mouth water just like after taking a sip of apple juice or something similar, the terps absolutely coat my mouth and remain well after exhaling, on the exhale I am met with equal smoothness, this hit will expand quite a bit so take that in mind, the flavor was similar to the inhale with garlic and a savory sweetness but had a very organic pepperyness that mixed wiyh a slight mint on the back end,quite complex and hard to really wrap your head around, very nicely done to real deal and whomever the farmer of this plant that made this phenominal quality hash rosin.
Effects-So over the time I have had this rosin I have mixed it up with dosages to see the different levels, of one hit in the morning immediatly I feel the head change and I am full of zing and pep just floored, With time you do mellow but it is a long lasting high. I honestly preferred this for after work myself for the simple fact it fucks you up! Off two dabs I feel that zing but the buzz carries heavy into the body as well as mind, three and I am completly obliterated, glued to my chair attempting to describe how I feel into words and struggling hard.

I honestly had super high standards walking into this one, and I was not disappointed, I reccomend this one for anyone that just looking to get stoned like it was your first time all over again, as she smacks hard like a chair to the face and packs a very unique distinct aroma that cannasuers will thoroughly enjoy, just expect a little bit of a zing at first.

To @realdealresin__ thank you for what y’all do, and congratulations on your very first rec drop recently , this shit is THE REAL FUCKIN DEAL!!!!!!

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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/cannasaurus_rex_reviews)

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