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Hash Review: Candied Grapes Rosin by Dammit Bobby

Candied Grapes @dammit__bobby_ Lineage/Genetics: (Moonbow x Grape Pie) Original Breeder: Archive Seed Bank Grower/Procesor: Dammit Bobby Terpene Profile: Unknown Exclusives via @sandiegoterpz

Candied Grapes Hsah Rosin Review

candied grapes rosin by dammit bobby hash review by cali_bud_reviews 3 Appeal: 96.75/100 Electric purples greens & blues pop off the jar as the cowboy dares you to pop the top off. A creamy white golden cold cured, waxy surfaced rosin is drenched in glistening resinous coating & has rubbery bounce upon poking it. The hash is really clean to the eye. Waffle Pressing the rosin resembles a brain-like puddy & brings the juices out hardcore, filling the tracks w/ clear shining greases against the impressively white rosin. Here It swipes w/ medium-slickness & stretch. Whipping the rosin lightly brings it to a clumpy gooey cold cure mass w/ good yeild that’s easily workable; scooping in greasy creamy chunks. Aroma: 97/100 Nose Volume: 97.5/100 A nice mixture of gassy, pungent, garlic onion skunky chem-diesel funk, a fruity background w/ freezer burnt grape ice cream, grape-vanilla cakey creaminess, w/ a lavender floral & herbal cookie backing. The rainbow candy Zkittlez terps are impressively strong backing. Sharp grapefruit, lime, lemon, strawberry, mango tropical citrus w/ the sour dank rubbery leathery freezer burnt fuel hiding a lemon pine combination. Major Candy, Gas, Funk, & Purple Terps. Major Nose Volume. Flavor: 97/100 F. Strength: 94/100 F.retention: 93/100 Vapor Cleanliness: 96/100 V.production: 92/100 Tons of flavor on mouth, inhale & exhale. The candy z & it’s sour dank citrus pungent freezer burnt fuel side comes out strong w/ a lemon-lime dominant rainbow candy profile. Beneath that, the grape, lavender, florals, & creamy cakey-ness combines equally w/ the garlic onion funky gassy chem-diesel. The Vapor is so clean the puffco white-walls w/ smoke but you’ll blow out thinner Vapor from the max absorption that’s thick w/ flavor for 5 long pulls over 1:20 (494* max vapor). The Vapor is smooth, sweet, & gassy. Effect: 93/100 Potency: 96/100 Intense potency rush in the form of uplifting euphoria & Stoney intoxication. Full body buzz w/ chest pull, low eyes, & headband. 1 glob = Entourage effects for 4hrs. Overall: 97.3/100 My first jar of Dammit Bobby comes out swinging. This one performs well and hits many of my personal preferences. The rosin is clean but juicy with greases and is pretty in all stages from popping the seal, to the waffle press, to the whip and when it melts back down again. The nose terps out the jar are impressively loud, and very complex. The best part is all the varying aromas are all equally strong on the nose and easy to pin point, which really gets you excited to compare the tastes. All of the tastes are also strong but with the moonbows rainbow candy Z fuel & lemon lime citrus taking the lead over the rest of the grape-gassy-funky profile. The Vapor has thick cloud production on the inhale but has max absorption & cleanliness revealed in the exhale. Effects are full spectrum, starting with the energy & potency rush and ending with the heavy couch locked relaxation. Spectacular jar. Big shout out to @sandiegoterpz : great selection, fair tickets, & great service! Highly recommending Dammit Bobby’s Candied Grapes & SD TERPZ. NFSOT! Reviews for 21+ patients ONLY! candied grapes rosin by dammit bobby hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2 #calibudreviews #dammitbobby #sandiegoterpz
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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