Strain Review: 24K by THC Design

24 K ✨✨ Review

Lineage/Genetics: Tangie x Kosher Kush

Original Breeder: DNA Genetics

Grower: THC Design

THC Design 24K Strain Review

Indica Dominant Hybrid Cannabis
@thcdesign @jairia_pass
25.90% Total THC
28.86% Total THCa
30.59% Total Active Cannabinoids
✨Top Terps✨
Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
✨Pungent sweet citrus notes with spicey cinnamon and clove hints. The sweet tangerine flavor is dominant and consistent through every puff. You can taste a subtle grounding earth flavor when exhaling.
🔅The high gives you a boost energy that increases your creativity and pushes negative thought out of mine, leaving you feeling like Gold. Overall the effects are energizing & euphoroic with mild sedative effects
👑Big wild nugs with spaced out leaves and bold bright amber orange pistils. Darker green hues develop at the edge of the leaves and get lighter towards the stem. A frosty layer of trichomes in top of the vivid colors really give this strain that 24K shine.

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