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Strain Review: Sunset Blvd by THC Design

Sunset Blvd 🌅🛣Review Lineage/Genetics: Sunset SherbertTriangle Kush Original Breeder: THC Design Grower: THC Design

Sunset Blvd Strain Review

Indica Cannabis Flower . @thcdesign @jairia_pass @caligreen_laboratory @sjweedreview . 20.50% Total THC 22.83% THCa 24.46% Total Active Cannabinoids . 🔆Top Terps🔆 Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool . 🌅Potent sweeter, creamy gas aroma with a subtle floral note. While inhaling you get strong flavors of creamy gas with pine hints , during the exhale the flavor is more like earth and fuel. . 🔅The high is very relaxing. In your mind and body you feel super calm and warm as if youre cruisin down Sunset Blvd during sunset. A great strain for end of the the day although the effects arent overly sedating. Perfect a chill afternoon . ✨Big, colorful, dense, chunky nugs. You can really see all of these colors that developed in the flower during the Westcoast California Sunset. Theres a nice mix of different hues forest green (like the mountains of CA, dark purple and some bright orange stigmas(that would represent the different colors of the sky at sunset). A nice sugary coat blankets the nugs adding a super sticky layer and shiny element to thw overall visual.
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