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Strain Review: Wedding Cake by Monterey Kush Co.

#weddingcake🎂 aka #pinkcookies #gsc x #cherrypie #hybrid batch1148 Lineage/Genetics: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics Grower: Monterey Kush Co.

Monterey Kush Co. Wedding Cake Strain Review

. 21.44% – 214.440mg #thc 0.06% – 0.600mg #cbd 22.54% – 225.480mg #cannabinoids harvest~8.13.2020 package~8.24.2020 . 💯💚 @cannaculturesanjose . Flower Appearance 🔟/🔟🔥 (Big, sticky, kush nugs) . Flower Aroma 9️⃣/10 (sweet, earth, vanilla, hint of diesel) . Smokeability 9️⃣/10 (Smooth, potent smoke, slow burn, consistent flavor, dry mouth/throat) . Effects 9️⃣/10 (Fast acting, long lasting, mood enhancing, pain/stress relief, creative/ambitious spark, social) . 🎂A strong fast acting high thats mind activating and gradually increases your ambition and creativity with every minute that goes by. At the same your body will start feel relief from minor aches and pains( i have a bum ankle atm and i cant feel any pain after 1 blunt). Be careful though because it may trigger some anxiety effects. . 🎂Big, Frosty , well structured, classic kush-like nugs. Underneath the trichomes you can see vivid hues of colors from bright green to a nice jade (may find very subtle hints of purple) , complimented by lengthy, dark amber stigmas fitted tightly between the buds. The buds break perfectly off the stem leaving you with a nice complete nug ready for break down , my favorite phenotype💯 . 🎂Pungent, sweet, vanilla and floral/earthy mix with hints of diesel. Great for anytime use. I recommend for socializing or something engaging because you may be a little too wired to go to sleep after trying this. Also be prepared for the munchies in about 45 minutes 😂 . . . . . 🎶 @mickjenkins follow @westcoastsmokeshow #sjweedreview #sjweedreviews #smokeweedeverday #wakenbakedaily #cannabisculture #strainoftheday #strainreview #weedreviews
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