Strain Review: Ice Cream Cake by SF Cultivators

#IceCreamCake 🍨🎂
#gelato33 x #weddingcake

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Gelato #33

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: SF Cultivators

SF Cultivators Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

28.% – 280mg #thc
34.7% – 347mg #cannabinoids
shout out to @sfcultivators @theguildsj_official
Aroma 🔟/10🔥
(strong gelato notes, diesel, hints of skunk and cream)
Flavor 🔟/10🔥
(sweet ,heavy gelato influences, cream , spice, cool, mint)
Smokeability 9️⃣/10
(potent, med-heavy smoke,slight harshness, slow burn)
Effects 🔟/10🔥
(calming, creative, body/mind relaxation, gradual high, long lasting, heady, munchies)
🍨Potent gelato flavor with diesel and creamy tones and consistent hints of skunk, berry and spice
🎂After a few tokes youll feel a nice burst of calming and creative energy to your brain followed up with deep body relaxtion but not completely couch locking. Fast acting but gradually gets stronger with every hit. A very potent smoke with a very slight but consistent sharpness that cuts strait to your mind. Leaves your mouth salivating.
🍨Balanced aroma of gelato overtones and deep wedding cake undertones. Sweet and creamy with that unique gelato/spice scent prominent throughout the flower.
💯the design on the jar is a map
of San Francisco complimented with the sf giants orange and black.. Dope Af 🔥🔥
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