Strain Review: Afgan Kush by World of Seeds Bank

Afgan Kush 💜 (Indica)

Lineage/Genetics: Hindu Kush

Original Breeder: World of Seeds Bank

Afgan Kush Strain Review

afgan kush by world of seeds bank strain review by _scarletts_strains_THCA 26.76%
THC 23.86%

This straim is very lukely to make a potato of you. I tried it in my pipe and as a blunt, booth great feelings. If i would of tried a blunt with this strain, I DEFINITELY would of been couch locked. Regardless, Afgan Kush will make a potato of you.

It sooths your body, and the mayority of your pains, also gives you a slight euphoric feel.

Pretty good to watch a movie (I’m watching Tom and Jerry catroons )

Potentially could activate arousal and/or munchies.

I would definitely recomend this to smoke while having a lazy day in with your lover. And what better time than now in quarantine.

Stay home you guys.

Stay safe. .
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